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Very cool looking! I saw Russell the Dancing UPS Dude wearing these...and I was smitten! I bought a pair and I bought my husband one of the military style pairs. These sunglasses are very cool looking. I love that they are polarized AND mirrored. They seem like and feel like they are high quality glasses. They are a tad big for my face, but I like them anyway. I am glad I found FastMetal as a company. :)


A++ Admittedly I had some issues getting the lenses in, contacted them via phone and spoke with Karen. Not only was she understanding and sympathetic to the situation I had a shipping label in my email in 10 minutes and my lenses and frames back in my possession in MAYBE 5-6 days. Absolutely excellent service that blew me away. The complete set fits like a dream as a mechanic leaning forward. Very seldom do I have to push them back up. Again, A++ all around. Customer service ✅ build quality ✅ style ✅ functionality and sturdiness ✅✅ thank you so much!

Brian Subastian

Lenses are so clear! I bought these for a Mother's Day present after mom expressed interest in mine. After wearing her new pair, she consistently comments how the lenses are so clear and everything seems so crisp and sharp, even compared to her old Maui Jims! I feel the same about mine as well. The frames are also very sturdy and the hinges feel like quality.

Mike Anderson